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I recently ran in to a high school classmate visiting from Arkansas. He said that for several years he had been battling cancer in the lungs and was about to have more tests and a biopsy of the lungs.I told him that Jesus would heal him and I ask him if I could pray over him. We came into agreement and I laid hands on him and prayed for his healing.

Thee weeks later he said that he is free of lung cancer!!! Praise God!
To God be the Glory! I just have to share my testimony about the surgery that I faced on Feb 19th at IU Hospital. For several weeks pre surgery date I asked for prayer, healing prayer, and prayer for a successful outcome after the surgery. I received prayer from many at Cross Tabernacle starting with Pastor Keith and being anointed with oil, followed with the laying on of hands prayer with Pastor Lyle, Mr. Budnik, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Taylor and many others that I cannot name at this time. God has been with me thru each and every step of my illness, when surgery day came I has so much at peace and had faith that all was in God’s hands and that God had placed me in the right place with the right surgeon. My surgery was very successful, my recovery has been no less than perfect. I am off work recovering for another four weeks, God has given my wife the strength and knowledge to nurse me back to normal ahead of schedule time. What a true blessing from God with the woman that HE brought into my life 44 years ago. Thank You Jesus!
On the day before surgery I reported to the hospital for testing and evaluation, God was right there in the middle of the whole process. After a goggle of doctors, nurses and specialists had spent a period of time sticking, poking, and testing me I was told that in their eyes I was just too boring and that they were not used to seeing patients as healthy as I was for the type surgery that I was having the next day. I feel that their remarks proves that with prayer, nothing is impossible with God.

I am so eager to walk thru the doors of Cross Tabernacle this Sunday morning for my first service since surgery; I will be praising God with all of my heart and giving thanks for all the good people that have taken time to pray me in. God bless all!


We begun bringing a friend of ours to the outpourings just as she had recommitted her life to our Lord… She was re-filled with the Holy Spirit in the back pew after one of the outpouring services… but that is just a tiny testimony compared to what comes next. Several times prayer was lifted up during the outpourings for her grandson, a 5 year old with stage 4 inoperable brain cancer. For several months the cancer has gotten very much worse causing this little guy to forget the things that he knew such as his alphabet and numbers and colors… seizures racked him on a daily basis. Now today his MRI has come back with the biggest and worse tumor gone completely on the right side and the left looks to now be fluid filled and operable.

My Daddy is Good thank you Cross T and the body of Christ for remembering their son….
Since i started coming to cross Tabernacle my life has improved greatly!! I have never been surrounded with such spirit and love for Christ!
Life is so much better and I owe it all to him. Thnak you Jesus for your unconditional love and thank you to my new Cross Tabernacle family!
Rest with Dad
no part of me has ever liked to rest, i would stay up so i wouldn’t miss anything, impatient in being still. over the last weekend i understood that the Lord has been leading me for the last few weeks and I’ve been “divinely dissatisfied to hunger him”(Renay west mentioned that this weekend) l livengood mentioned that he desires us sometimes just to be still under His gaze while he burns off the flesh. these things have been rolling around in my spirit and i began to accept them. i got prayer from Sister Linda and Sister Karen last night and the Lord began to speak something to me about me in prayer last night that i would not have wanted to hear from anyone else and (has continued to all day) and brought things back to my childhood with my father to help me understand.
There were two significant times of memories i have with enjoying my Dad, where he would affirm His love to me, they were : playing paintball and sitting in his lap.
when we played paintball, he would enjoy me and be proud of me ,he would affirm me when we were there and be proud of me verbally when we there for being a warrior. when we played paintball We would war against the other team (the bad guy) and I would always receive affirmation for the battle.
The Lord has showed me last night that This was a time where in my child mind I received love through what i did, divorce and years later I strived to fill the need as an adolescent, striving by what i did to receive affirmation and even as an adult this has carried into my character as a disciple of Christ.
Another time of enjoyment the Lord spoke to me about that I’ve never forgotten is that Dad would call me to his recliner and his lap and would say have I told you lately that I love you? I would say no. Then he would say well I do I love you. And he would sing “you are so beautiful to me, your everything I hope for, everything I need…Can’t you see, Such joy and happiness you bring…”

A natural desire to be affirmed by my Father was normal but the Lord showed me that there was a root that I associated with something I had done in performance that caused me to receive love. The Lord showed me I have done that in some areas. He is bringing me new levels of freedom and understanding to my heart, where revelation by the Spirit is helping me to see what Brother Graham means when he says a lifestyle of revival. My desires to be affirmed by my Dad were found in battle. But The Lord said “You don’t have to battle all the time, there are times of war but I am a heavenly Father and I always long for you to come and sit in my lap so I can tell you that I love you. My desire is not to burden you it is to carry every burden, as long as your in my lap, your weight is carried by me. You begin to carry more than I ask you and strive to receive my affirmations by battling or performing. Rest in my love, be Still in my lap and let me sing over you, and tell you I love you and not for anything that you can do could make me love you more. There is no striving in me. Sit at my right hand and I’ll lead you” then he reminded me of Sunday,when i was checking on classes the Lord positioned me unbeknownst to me to hold a new child who cried and was afraid of The unknown, and while I prayed with Him i began to cry with Him and the Lord had spoke to me but I didn’t let it go too deep and He said “now you understand what I was trying to tell you, and I was drawing you even to this place last night where I can tell you again that I cry when you cry, speak words of encouragement and prophesy over you calling things that are not as though they were.” I have been in and out if it since last night dwelling on His love and weeping huge tears, my Mind, soul and spirit is being revived, My heavenly Father loves me, and I can be just who I am, no striving, I’ve been ENJOYING Him today and His love. It feels like the first time and I hope I can make it tonight if I can pull it together to get there. My kids are around just going about things as normal knowing I’m being messed up right in front of them and they’re loving on me too. It’s outpouring right in front of our children in our homes too that begins to birth it in them.

I had been having pain in my lower back for for about 1 month and a half to 2 months. It didnt bother me as much until the end of that time, i seemed to feel pain with everything that I did, even sleeping in certain positions was painful. The worst was when I sneezed it pretty much brought me to my knees! Well I ended up having an x ray of my lower back. While the I was waiting for the test to come back, i ended up taking IBuprofen only one dose, the pain didnt totally subside. I received prayer from my sister inlaw on a Saturday, then again the next day on Sunday from the young people! So i just kept proclaiming and standing on my healing. It was like two days later when I noticed that the pain was completely gone!! I was healed by the power of God cause i know one dose of meds didnt cure ongoing pain like that! I give you all the glory Lord God!!
I just wanted to thank the Lord for healing me last night at Campmeeting. My left arm and hand had been bothering me all day at work and even during campmeeting. But something changed throughout the evening as we worshiped and heard the word. When I woke up this morning I have no more pain or discomfort at all. I know I was touched last night. God is good! I know He is always with us in the midst of our circumstance.
Millie a lady you have been praying for (brother-n-laws mother) is cancer free! Other bragging point both of my children are saved and delivered. GOD is good! all the time.
I got “saved” as a pregnant 15 year old. I really did have an experience with God and it was exciting. Then, religion took over my life. I dressed the part, homeschooled my kids, and tithed. Unfortunately, religion did not carry me through difficult times, sorrow, hardship or pain. I began having migraines almost daily, watched my relationship with my husband fall apart, and began deadening the pain of migraines and life with drugs and wordly comforts. On September 12, 2010 I went to church. I knew that either God would do something for me or I would die. I could not take any more of life and its miseries. He met me there, in my greatest need! He saved me from my life of hell. He gave me a hope that day. I knew, that I knew, that I knew that God was real, that He loved me and would be with me through it all. I knew that He was going to heal my migraines and deliver me from everything that was controlling my life…and He did! It has been such a journey since that day!

I have been going to church off and on my entire life. I have recently decided to get right with God and began to live in the word. Things had been going really bad, it seemed like it was bad news constantly. I was in a negative funk and nothing ever seemed to go right, which made me even more negative.

Once I accepted Jesus into my life, I immediately saw change. This change was not only in my life but those I prayed for as well. My brother had been in a motorcycle accident in the fall of 2011 and was being told at each doctor’s appointment that the nerves in his hip were dying from when it was dislocated- (which meant a hip replacement at the age of 30). I started to send in prayer requests to the church recently… He was just told yesterday that he is healing properly and will no longer need a hip replacement.

Pastor Keith was peaching about addictions and asked if anyone needed praying for, well I have been a smoker for 11 years and asked to be released from that habit. God is good. I had one cigarette left when I left church that day and did not want to waste it, so I lit that cigarette only for it to go out each time… Third time it went out, I gave up, and have not touched another one, haven’t even craved one!

God is amazing!!! I continue to be blessed on a daily basis since accepting him as my savor; for example, I was about to run out of gas, had a lot of running around to do and did not have the means to purchase gas until paid day which was two days away. So, I prayed… that’s all I did!! My gas tank needle rose, immediately, to amount I needed and did not move until I had the money to fill up my tank…

Prayer is powerful!!!! GOD CAN FIX ANYTHING~ all you have to do is believe!
Eye Healed!

Claiming my eye healed from the prayer line April 15, 2012! At the end of the prayer line, I had a sudden, sharp pain above my eye. It was so sudden and sharp that I almost grabbed someone in line for help. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me identify the reason for the sharp pain. Over the next few days, this is what I kept coming back to: At Thanksgiving my son accidently scratched it when he gave me a hug. We planned to do some Christmas shopping that day & it gave me fits the entire time we were shopping. I could hardly see because it kept watering and hurting. People were looking at me strange. I couldn’t enjoy Christmas shopping. Since that day, it never really healed completely. I had problems with it hurting from time to time. I thought this was odd since eyes recover and heal fast. Well, the following Monday morning I woke with a sliver of skin in the corner of my eye. This is the only evidence and reason I could think of having the pain at the end of the fire tunnel. No more annoyance. I am claiming it healed!

Arthritis Healed!

I have been dealing with arthritic pain in my hands for a number of years. I am only 32 years of age. After being in the healing class on Wednesdays, I discovered that the root to arthritis was bitterness. WOW! A hard one to admit! God has been working on me for awhile with this root. After repenting of all bitterness, I never truly received a healing from my arthritis pain. I believe it went deeper than just surface issues and daily interaction with others. I believe it was rooted to my relationship with my earthly father. After pastor began speaking of God as a dad, I had a problem accepting it. My relationship with my earthly father had been just a surface relationship. When I was growing up at home, he worked all the time. He showed his love to me by paying off my credit card, without me asking (which I was working on paying); or by giving me spending money; filling up my gas tank or he would work on my car to keep it tuned up and in tip top shape. All wonderful, but not solely what a daughter needed. Now that I am an adult and can look back, I don’t believe he ever really knew what to do with a daughter, or even my brother. Deep family affection was never an expressed emotion in our home. We did not have discussions about our emotions or problems. There was always an avoidance of anything emotional. I do love my parents. I repented of my unforgiveness and bitterness connected to my earthly father several times over a period of time. Sunday April 22nd, visiting evangelist Timothy McCain gave a word on Secret Sins. I hesitated at altar call. I didn’t feel a true stirring to be at the altar, but nevertheless felt a need to go up. The Holy Ghost planted the evening service in the back of my mind. Eventually in the am service, I came up to repent of my unforgiveness and bitterness again and to ask for my healing. I asked God to bring me a word through someone. The word spoken was “there is a time and a season for everything. Do not feel guilty. I am weaving a tapestry. It will be beautiful. You just can’t see it because you are so close.” Some of the ladies just fed into my other needs and ministered and encouraged so sweetly.

I believe my arthritis healing was over a course of time through several events. We had just had a Women of Virtue meeting, where I stepped out and gave a soul tie testimony related to one of the books: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. It was an extremely difficult step for me to take. I felt something break after the testimony. After I left the meeting, I walked out alone & heard a soft voice in my spirit say “daughter”. It caught me off guard. I knew it was from God. Later that day, he used my son to speak to me. We were outside drawing with chalk. While I was talking to our neighbor, my son randomly drew two hearts. He said one was a whole heart and the other was a heart with a crack that was being fixed. My neighbor had no idea the spiritual significance to me, but I knew.

I can also look back at one of the past altar times during outpouring and pin point another significant part in my healing. At the end of the prayer and word being spoken to me, the person was told to give me a hug and said it was from the father, from dad. That just brought a more personal and intimate view of God into perspective for me. Yes, he IS my father & he DOES care for me as his daughter.

After the fire tunnel at Outpouring Sunday April 22, I felt another level break open for me. I have always known the voice of the Holy Spirit, but have struggled with the fact of knowing without having him show me. God did a deep work. I have been asking for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to function through me. It was spoken over me in an Outpouring service that many gifts will flow through me, one in specific named & through generations. Well, I didn’t realize the gifts had been functioning; I just wasn’t listening and putting my knowledge to practice. The Holy Spirit has become increasingly easy to hear and follow after this fire tunnel. After stepping out in a few things, he has increased communication and has been using me more. I have recently felt a release in my spirit to pray for others in the altar, but am still working on stepping out and knowing my place and boundaries.

My Arthritis is GONE! No more pain! The healing came through that fire tunnel, as the Holy Spirit planted in my spirit earlier in the day. I have waited and tested the use of my hands. The normal activities that would trigger pain, no longer are a hindrance. I am healed of arthritis and all the roots! I no longer have to live with the pain in my hands. Praise God, my dad!!!
Thank the Lord for the awesome work He is doing at Cross Tabernacle! The Lord has touched my husband and I and spoke into our lives sooo much since we’ve been going to the outpouring services. Tonight I believe God touched my knee and made it well, Praise God! I also believe God touched me tonight and delivered me from thyroid problems and made the thyroid well! Thank God for His grace, loving-kindness and mercy! He is worthy to be praised!
I want to say that I have loved the last month that I have visited your
Church. I feel like that I know have a “Home” I have been searching and let
God lead me to where I need to be, I have found where he wants me to be. If
you don’t feel something running in your heart, and blood, and soul when you
come into this Church, then all I can say is, “Check your pulse” LOl. What a
wonder bunch of loving people that have a real love for our father. I can
not wait to continue to grow in love with these people. Praise God!!!
Hi! My name is Kathy. I am a friend of Laura, and live in central Illinois. I have watched some of your services online, and they are very POWERFUL! They have touched me in my walk with God, and helped me to grow and not always be stuck in worry and fear. He is doing great things in your church. 🙂 Your sermons tell it like it is, music is uplifting..everyone needs Jesus! I have had a lot of things happen in my life with health issues,losing loved ones,etc. and lost my way for awhile. Talking to Laura and watching your services helped me to decide to get baptized last September by immersion in my sister-in-law, Judy’s(who has also been a mentor for me)pool.I do know God Does have a plan for each of us and we just have to TRUST Him. Am praying for salvation for my family and healing for myself and a closer walk with Jesus. I am hoping to make it to Indiana sometime this year and see what your services are like live! Might even receive a healing….never know what He has in store for us! Thanks!


Thank you for your prayers; James attended service last Sunday April 1, 2012 Continued Healing -I have written Dad on envelope for praying for Healing. God is good and His mercies endure forever.  My Dad got another good report (they went March 28, 2012)from the cancer doctor.   Blood counts were perfect

CTScan report The cancer is still contained, nothing has spread…..that is God!

This is a documented miracle of God, when he was diagnosed, November 2009, I asked the doctor if I could pray for him and he said, yes,  I asked the doctor if he would agree to be the “instrument” God would guide his hands and what he does the natural God would do the supernatural healing and the doctor said yes.

I also prayed over the surgeon’s hand that before surgery, and prayed for the chemotherapy to do what it is suppose to do in the natural and God to do the supernatural healing. My prayer is for the number of Dad’s days ….God will fulfill.


– November 2009 Cancer Doctor gave Him until Dec 2010……

– Then continuing appointments Cancer Doctor gave Dad until December 2011.

– Now yesterday March 29, 2012 the doctor said…Comments…from the doctor.

“Well, your going to die from something, but not cancer”.

He will still continue to go for checkups, etc.


November 2009,  the whiteboard sign in Dad’s hospital room said:

Diagnosis: Mesothelioma… as we were leaving his room checking out to take Dad home….

I walked over to the whiteboard……..crossed out the “name” Mesothelioma and wrote.

There is a Name above Mesothelioma J E S U S  and left……….


From day 1 we have prayed for the doctor to be saved thru this and I am still believing for his salvation.

and God to be used thru this.


Dad is still struggling from the stroke and is very thin and weak and has some other complications from stroke.

I have started to get him to do exercises and reading to work on his strength and thinking.

He loves to take naps……….LOL


God is in control and I am so glad He is.   Praise the Lord!  Amen


This Sunday night April 1, 2012  6:00pm,  God has put his arm around me. I was touched in a mighty way.


We love the Outpouring services. Our family is growing in the Lord. Our daughter has received a healing in her body and God is using her in awesome ways. Our son is also growing in the Lord and God is really blessing him. This is his best year yet at college. My wife and I have seen our ministry grow as we seek His face and His presence. God is a very loving God and He wants us to spend time with Him on a daily basis. We just need to sit in His lap and spend quality time with Him. We really cannot wait for Friday night and Sunday evening so we can come to Outpouring and spend time with God and get into His presence. We love the pastors at Cross Tabernacle and we feel like God has assembled an AWESOME team. The music is AWESOME and it really ushers in the presence of the Lord! Thanks so much for your obedience to God!


My name is Mary. My husband and I, Phil, attended your service on Friday night March 4th.  I must tell you what God did for us on that night.

I am not sure what all Pastor Michael Livengood has told you about Phil and I.  He was our Pastor over 40 years ago.  I have had an on going problem with depression for over 40 years.  At the time Pastor Michael was our Pastor demons were even involved.  I have been in hospitals, on medication for depression and of course prayed for many many times.  Last year i even felt I had been healed.  How ever the depression came back much worse than before. I can’t pin point when it came back, perhaps when my health began to fail. I became very sick, lost 45 pounds.  After many tests they discovered I had a cyst on my pancreas.  I had an endoscopy ultra sound on my pancreas In Dec while the cyst itself was not cancer the pathology report was not so convincing. Through a test where they take fluid from the cyst my CEA level was very high, over 700. That test is a cancer tracer.  Because of that test. my Digestive Disease Dr. told me it was probably a slow growing pancreas cancer.   In Feb. I visited an Oncologist who decided because I didn’t have all of the symptoms of pancreas cancer it is pre cancer.  It is called IPMN. It is a cyst that usually turns to cancer. I have to have an MRI every 3 months.  Since that time I became very upset that I didn’t  have cancer. I became so depressed i just wanted to die.  I started becoming paranoid that people in the church hated me and was talking about me. I felt like the Pastor and his wife hated me.  If someone didn’t come up and talk to me I was obsessing and crying all night that they didn’t like me.  I told Phil the Pastor had taken me out of every ministry I had ever had.  I was begging Phil to leave our church and take me somewhere else so I could start over, so I could make new friends and people would like me. I was also becoming obsessed about getting old. I told Phil I wanted to die now, I didn’t want to be old. Phil was becoming very worried about me, so much that it started to affect his health. He has been having serious digestive issues. It was also affecting our relationship. I didn’t want to do anything, go any where or even hold a conversation with him. I was angry all the time. I wanted to just be left alone.

I really didn’t want to make the trip to Terre Haute.  I know now it was because of Phil praying before he ask me that I agreed to go.

I have never been in a service like the Friday night service.  i was amazed at how everyone, and I mean everyone was praying, not just praying but LOUDLY praying and seeking God.  At first all I could do was observe. I kind of felt like I was just by myself, on the outside looking in not really apart of the whole thing.  I then began to pray and ask God, if He still cared about me, let the Pastor come pray for Phil. When Pastor Keith called Phil out and had the men lay hands on him for healing I broke. It was like a dam opened up.  They not only prayed for him but they placed their hands on his abdomen where his problem was.  Pastor then had the ladies come pray for me. They prayed for everything that was happening to me, the depression, the hopelessness, the fear, my mind, all of it!!!!  I WAS HEALED INSTANTLY!!!!  DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID INSTANTLY!!!!!  I have never experienced anything like this in my life.  NO ONE  knew us except the Livengoods and they chose to stay back and let God be God. I have never been prayed for before by people who didn’t know me, yet they knew all my needs!!!!!!!  AMAZING, JUST AMAZING!!!!

But it didn’t end with the healing. I was then prophesied over. I was told of a ministry God was, no HAS called me to do. It was a prophesy I knew long ago God called me to do and I refused to believe it was from God. I didn’t feel equipped or good enough or smart enough and so I didn’t believe it was for me.  Just the week prior to my encounter with God, Phil tried to tell me of that ministry. I have always had a soft heart for the hurting, the depressed, the emotionally down trodden but I didn’t think God could possible use a depressed, uneducated, unworthy person like me  to do this.  AGAIN I WAS INSTANTLY AWARE OF GOD’S GOODNESS AND HIS LOVE.  He told me i didn’t have to be equipped to do this on my own. He told me all I have to do is be broken and willing and He will equip me!!!!!!!!  I am still in shock and amazement of how God loves me.  I was born and raised in the Assembly of God church and until last Friday night I never really knew how very much God does love me.

I am now seeking God ready to do what He wants me to do.  I will be forever grateful to Cross Roads Tabernacle and your obedience  to God and the Holy Spirit to continue these services, so people like me can have a real ENCOUNTER WITH GOD!!!

I will end this with a scripture God has given me.

“It is the Lord who goes before you;

He will (march) with you;

He will not fail you or let you go or forsake you.

{ let there be no cowardice or flinching, but} fear not,

neither become broken {in spirit- depressed,

dismayed, and unnerved with alarm}

Deuteronomy 31: 8 ( AMP)


In Christ Love,



My thyroid is on its way to healing. Praise the Lord! I went from the doctor wanting to kill or remove my Thyroid, which I refused to allow because I was trusting God was going to heal, to taking only 5 mg of Tapozole twice a day.


I watched it on the internet since I was unable to get to church..WOW what a great service Pastor!, got my pep back in my step!


Testimony: Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, [and] he delivered them out of their distresses. [Psalms 107:6 KJV] Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good [things; so that] thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s. [Psalms 103:2-5 KJV] And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. [John 21:25 KJV] I, too, give witness to the greatness of God, our Lord, high above all other gods. [Psalms 135:1 Mess.] These scriptures are but a few that come to mind when I reflect on the miracle that God gave me. A CAT scan revealed that I had a 5 mm kidney stone lodged at the bottom of my right ureter. I had been battling that kidney stone for over 4 months; with just two major 3 hour episodes of excruciating pain during that time. The third and last major episode lasted just over 33 hours. The miracle was that The LORD, my GOD, removed the kidney stone as a direct result of warfare prayer and praise based on HIS Word. I was not sedated and I did not perceive passing that stone at any time during the episode. I awoke at 3:33 in the morning with no pain. The confirmation came a little later that day when a KUB X-ray was performed and revealed â•?no stoneâ•?. Praise The LORD!!! Throughout my trial, I had my wife, my pastors, my close friends, some of my family, and many of my brothers and sisters in The LORD praying for me. I cannot overstate how grateful and how humbled I am for those prayers, nor can I overstate how vital those prayers were to and for me. I believe they upheld me to persevere those many months and especially when my time of intense testing came: those 33 painful hours. Had I not had those prayers keeping me strong in my faith, had I not received spiritual training in how to pray and praise in the midst of the storm, had I not had an active personal relationship with The LORD for many years, I believe I would have cast it (my faith) away during that period of intense physical pain. I had plenty of time and opportunity to say and think many things while pacing the floor in agonizing pain, but my GOD preserved my life and my faith in HIM, and with HIS strength I was able to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy. I am still processing what has happened. Another trial is already on the horizon. I know my GOD is up to the challenge, and with HIS help, Iâ•?ll be up to the challenge, as well. HE gets all of the glory, honor, and praise and I get to be eternally grateful and humbled. I am well pleased with that. Great [is] the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness [is] unsearchable. [Psalms 145:3 KJV] I am the LORD, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; [Isaiah 45:5a RSV] Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. [Isaiah 41:10 KJV] Amen.


On January 3rd 2011, my son fell dead on the basketball court from a sudden cardiac arrest. Upon my arrival at the scene approximately 15 minutes later, he was not breathing and the fire department and school had used an AED and was doing CPR, however he was not responding. I then did what I felt the Spirit of God said to do. I remembered the scripture from Proverbs 18:21 where it says that we have the power of life and death in our tongue. I then began to â•?speak lifeâ•? to my son and pray in the Holy Ghost. The Firemen stated that as soon as I declared life to my son and lifted my hand to heaven and prayed, he blinked his eyes and took a breath of air. The Firemen stated that at that very moment they felt an increditable change around them as they worked on my son. My son was then transported to the local hospital and then on to a childrenâ•?s hospital and made a full recovery with not damage to his heart and only temporary memory loss. I believe his rising from the death was a miracle of God and can be directly related to the Out Pouring at our church which we are a part of.


A couple of fridays ago I was at the outpouring service and I went forward for an alter call that was giving if anybody had any chains in their that they wanted to be broken or sin. That nite I was set free from looking at porn and doing things that were not pleasing to the Lord. I called up my boyfriend that nite and told him that I was finished because I had been set free and the things we were doing wasnt pleaseing to Jesus. Today I serve the Lord and I am FREE and my chains have been broken!!! PRAISE GOD!!!


Looks like I can mark a name off of my tithes envelop… Just got news from my Mother in law, who was diagnosed w/ leukemia 12 years ago!!!! The normal person’s white cell count is in he range of 4,000- 10,000… She went to the Doctor last week and her is for the first time IN THE NORMAL RANGE!!! 4,000 was her count!!! Hallejuaha!!!! My God is a big big BIG GOD!!!!! I call HIM HEALER!!!!


I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my back, hands and feet. I take pain meds for this as it is really painful. I have never asked for prayer for this as I’m more concerned with getting healed from liver disease. I have painful nodules (knots) on my finger joints and the doctor told me they will just get worse. Sunday I noticed my hands don’t hurt any more and the nodules (knots) are all gone.Woo hoo, and I didn’t even ask for prayer. I think just being in the strong presence of GOD that night healed me. He knows our hurts and problems; if we just fully come to Him He shows up. Thank God and praise the Lord.


Pastor Keith and Pastor Michael’s teachings are our blessings without a price tag. I just turned 50 and I work swing shift in a plant; I have never felt this young. When I awake, He is there; when I roll over at night, He is there. My belly is so full, yet I crave so much more. I suffer from ADD and the pastors have prayed over me and now I am skipping through the Bible and Life. God Bless…


As a little girl my parents discovered my allergies to horses after I had been at a friend’s home. We went out to see their new colt and after touching the horse and returning home, my breathing became very compressed and my skin broke out. Ever since that moment,, anytime I would be near horses, at the fair walking passed a stable, my breathing would be affected. This allergy is just one of many. I also have problems around other animals: dogs, cats, etc. The stories could go on about my problems with these allergies. Each time, it would affect my breathing and compress my lungs. I have believed God will heal my allergies.

On Wednesday nights, my husband and I have been in the healing class. Though this class I learned that my allergies were connected to a broken heart: A More Excellent Way to Be in Health – Spiritual Rooted Disease: “The immune systems is compromised because of fear and anxiety coming out of a broken heart.” (74) After making the spiritual connection, I continued to pray into my broken heart being healed. I realize that I have a very sensitive heart, but couldn’t make a direct connection to where my broken heart originated. I still have no idea, and even after asking, God never revealed it to me.

During one of the last prayer lines that took place, I believe back in January, as I reached the end of the line God gave me the image of a whole heart and my heart felt whole. The last night that Pastor Graham and his wife were in the Outpouring services, he spoke into this broken heart – “Every negative word, hurtful thing said”, also that I needed to realize how special I was to God. I left that Friday healed of a broken heart. The next couple of days seemed to be an attack against this healing. Nothing major, just small hurtful things were said to me. For some reason what normally wouldn’t seem like a big deal, it really hurt. That Sunday, Pastor Taylor prayed over those who were under spiritual attack. My heart is whole now. I am hoping, with great expectation, that my allergies are healed too.


I was prescribed medication for my arthritis pain in my knees and ankles that hasn’t been working. Thursday I went to my doctor to complain about the pain I had been in. The medication was not helping at all that day so I had stopped taking it and just endured the pain. My doctor prescribed a different medication, but I didn’t want another “band-aide” to mask the pain. When the visiting pastor called up someone who had arthritis pain I knew he was calling me because I was praying for my healing, but was not sure if God had heard me. As I stepped out I heard Jesus say, “I hear you’. Then as I walked without my cane, I felt no pain – praise the Lord!!! I know I am healed. I don’t really need the cane anymore and since that night I have had to come back for it because I keep leaving it behind. Praising God for my healing. Also God is healing my obesity, which plays a huge roll in my arthritis. I can exercise more now that the pain is gone. Something I didn’t know, that exercise (movement) helps the joints, so I put on my praise music, climb on my bike, and get in the Spirit. Praising God is the best medication and my doctor told me that’s what she orders!


I was suffering from a shredded meniscus, torn ligament, bone on bone joint friction in my right knee, and was taking pain meds to keep me able to walk. Now I am not needing any meds and can walk with no pain. God healed me completely. Praise Him!!!


After several cardiac tests my doctor’s report stated “…it is obvious that the patient has no significant progression of coronary artery disease in comparison to the cardiac catheterized in the year 2002.”.


My husband said he was healed last night while in the alter having his back prayed over. He said he felt a warm burning sensation and the pain left! He was also prayed over during another meeting and his knee and shoulder pain is much better. This is something he has suffered with for a very long time. He also told me that the day I laid hands on him and prayed in the Spirit for his headache that the pain subsided during that time. I believe his headaches are gone now. Praise God for His healing touch!!!


It’s been a joy getting up each and every Sunday morning to attend church at Cross T. You are an awesome preacher and I really feel the Lord moving in the church. I can truly say that my knee is blessed and healed now and I’m giving Him thanks and praise for it. I’ve got my results back from the MRI and they showed that I have a fibrous cortical defect (a lesion in the bone). It use to give me real bad pain after practice or anything that involved running, so my Mother and I kept praying about it. Sunday I went down for healing prayer and this whole week of practice I didn’t have any pain at all! My God is good. Before it would hurt if I would jump up and try to dunk, but now I’m dunking and jumping for the Lord without any problems. It’s a blessing, I am about to throw away those exercises the doctor gave me because I have faith that I won’t have to worry about it anymore. Thank you for everything. God bless.


A friend of mine came down to visit Cross Tabernacle and his hand was healed. He plays guitar.


We are enjoying what God is doing in Terre Haute. Here’s another testimony that happened today while listening to last Friday night’s service. At the end of the meeting a pastor was asking about neck injuries and at that moment It felt as if a straw went through an artery at the base of my neck, up into my brain and fluid was being pushed though this. Then there was a sensation of heat on the back of my neck and head. When I asked the Lord what he had done, He said He had healed a head injury that I had from childhood, PTL. I am loving these meetings!!! As is the rest of the office staff. Everyone looks forward to coming to work to listen, and be a part of these services, and what Jesus is doing. Some days not much work is being done, but Jesus is healing and setting us free. Thank you to the clever tech who is putting them online for us to watch.


Last Thursday Pastor called out people with overactive colons in service. Well, this is very embarrassing, but I had been having awful problems for a couple of weeks. I did not realize until late in the day Friday that God had healed my problem during that service! Such a little, yet painful thing, made a HUGE difference! Praise God!!!


I have been watching the revival online in Terre Haute. I grew up under your father’s preaching. In recent years I was passionate after God. I was in the ministry at another church as a worship leader and youth leader. I know that God has a call on my life for ministry. Recently the hunger has been returning, to return to that passionate pursuit of the manifest presence of God. You preached a sermon tonight that just confirmed some of the old wounds healing for me. One key statement that you made, “you can never have too much of God’s presence, that until you walk on water or your shadow heals”(paraphrased). I had some one tell me that I was going after God too passionately, that it would wane, that they had all of God they wanted, this was pastoral council. That along with personal wrong choices I made shortly thereafter those words, I walked away for the passion that once burned so desperately within my heart. Thank you for speaking truth. God has been dealing with me over the last couple of months about returning to my first love, about laying down the snares of the world. I am so thankful to be able to listen online to words spoken in truth and not sugar coated or feel good sermons with just three points and a poem. I am praying that God leads me to a church that is passionately pursuing the presence of God. I am a student in the medical field right now and clinicals and school schedule is making it very difficult to attend church, so having this avenue has been such a ministry to my soul. Thank you Cross Tabernacle for airing services online.


I was standing in God’s way and I had to get rid of my fear. When I moved myself aside then God was able to take control and heal my body. I asked for prayer for heart blockages and God healed them, which was even seen on x-rays. I suddenly realized that after many nights of leg pain where I couldn’t sleep, I was finally sleeping, thank God. I also had many headaches and a time of shortness of breath, that also was healed. I thank God for His healing power.


My aunt had been told that she had throat cancer, but since outpouring she has been back to the doctor and the report is NO cancer!!!! God also has delivered me from cigarettes. I have not had a cigarette for 1 1/2 weeks. Pastor gave a word regarding someone who needed to allow God to deliver them and break the chain of smoking in their family and I knew God was speaking to me. God has also been dong surgery on me at the alters during outpouring and I am now able to forgive people for the sexual sins committed against me. Also I thank God for all the family members that have been coming with me. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


Nothing is impossible for God!!! My daughter was healed last night. She has never been able to hear in her left ear because her cochlea was not all the way developed and last night after she was prayed for, God healed and developed that ear so now she can hear!!


I spoke with you one Wed evening about receiving healing with my colitis the Sunday following Easter. I am still approximately 70-80% symptom free. I have gained 20 pounds since then also. My family doctor noticed the weight gain and asked what I had been doing different. I told him he may not believe me if I told him, but he insisted on knowing. I shared how I attended church at Cross Tabernacle the Sunday following Easter and had walked out with almost all of my symptoms gone. He leaned back in his chair staring at me and said, “if that works for you great!”. I had an opportunity to witness God’s awesome power and pray that some seeds were planted in his life.


Pastor Keith and Rev. Michael’s teachings our blessings with no price tag. I just turned 50. I work swing shift in a plant. And I have never felt this young. When I awake, He is there. When I roll over at night, He is there. My belly is so full. And yet I crave so much more. I suffer from ADD. The Pastors have prayed over me. I am now skipping through the Bible and Life. God Bless……