Cross Tab. Service Start up Points:

– First of all thank you all for your prayers, concerns, and faithfulness to Cross Tab. And her ministry.

– We will begin the start-up process on Friday night May 8th [8 meaning New Beginnings] with a prayer meeting starting at 7pm in main Sanctuary.

– We will broadcast this prayer service and also broadcast Sunday at 8 am [live broadcast only] and 10 am [broadcast and open church] for those who can’t attend or feel at risk.

– The only doors that will be open for all the above services will be the main front doors.

– We will have hand sanitizer in strategic locations [front door] and [Bathroom].
The door ministers and bathroom door ministers will be the only ones administering sanitizer, simply they will be the only ones allowed to touch the bottles and administer the product.

– Bathrooms

Please use the restroom before leaving your home.

The only Bathrooms that will be open for use will be the ones by the office area.
An attendant will stand outside the doors, allowing only one person in unless a family is going together [mother and little children] after they leave, the attendant will enter the restroom and disinfect any touch area, handles, flush levers, sink handles.  Please be patient with us during this time as we are trying our best to follow guidelines and provide a clean and safe environment for everyone.


 – We will encourage you to give by using the giving box in the foyer area, we will not be collecting an offering the way we have in the past, due to distancing requirements we will not collect offering in any other way.  As always, you can continue to mail in your offering or give online at

– The sanctuary seating on the main floor has been clearly marked as to distance guidelines:
6 ft markers are on the pew; every other pew is closed with signage and we have moved the chairs in the front rows to the 6ft distancing requirement. The balcony level will be opened only when the main floor seating has been filled. If needed we will open our gym as an overflow area if the main sanctuary has been filled to distancing capacity.

– Family members of the same household are allowed to sit close to each other as long as they observe the 6ft requirement from others.
[Note: this must be followed, with no exceptions]

– We will not have printed bulletins for any of our services and will encourage folks to make good use of our electronic information at

– Face masks are encouraged but are an option.

– Doors for all services will only open up 10 minutes prior start of service.

– NO handshaking, NO hugging, NO contact, please as much as possible keep your distance when talking with others.
-Stay up to date on information, guidelines and cautionary procedures regarding COVID-19 please visit the Indiana Department of Health website at  or the CDC website at  For more information on startup procedures and plans visit:
Most importantly PRAY! “Pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  We will continually be praying for you, your family’s, communities and our country.  If you have a specific need that you need prayer for, please contact us at with your need.
This page will be updated regularly, please check back often for any changes.
(last update: Thursday, May 7, 2020; 11:40pm)